Welcome to Disneypol, a blog that follows Disneypol’s (that’s me!) thoughts and shenanigans, mainly on feminism and Disney. Disneypol is a postgrad with a hardcore fandom for all things Disney, believing that due to Disney’s market and size, they can do a lot to change the way we think about the world.

A Bit More Background

I am a postgraduate politics student currently undertaking an MRes. The main reason why I started this blog was to have a creative outlet, whilst at the same time getting a feel of what it will be like when I write my own research and thoughts. My main interests are feminism, the way society sees women, and the way women sees themselves. I focus on this in a particular way by using popular culture to see how women are portrayed within film, literature and the media, examining the effect this has upon women in society.

Why is this important? I believe there is still a gender gap. This is not only highlighted in politics, but also in everyday things like adverts, products and film. As a child, some of my ideas about my place in society as a woman were shaped upon those elements. This is why I believe that franchises like The Walt Disney Company have a great power to change people’s perspectives on gender roles, and I hope one day I can be one of the people that inspires that change.

Whether you agree with my thoughts or not, that is completely your opinion, and I welcome you to post it in comments so I can always think about new perspectives and counter arguments. However please do so respectfully, I am new at this so will not always get things 100% correct, so bare with me!


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